The Blue Zones Way

Blue Zones shares their insights about longevity, well-being, and better health.  One suggestion is to set up Longevity Dinner.

Start out by trying to have at least two shared and/or relaxed meals per week.  Here are some options for helping make your regular dinners feel like special events:

  1. Cook the food yourself. When you prepare your own food, you control the quality of ingredients, and can ensure you’re providing yourself and whoever you’re eating with food that is truly delicious and nourishing.
  2. Set the table. This doesn’t have to be fancy to feel special. Take the time to put down plates, cutlery, and glasses for each person who will be seated at the table. Add a tablecloth and fresh flowers if you want it to feel extra special.
  3. Put away the electronics and turn the ringers to silent. Nothing kills a conversation like someone’s phone ringing, or someone picking up their phone to read a text message. Keep electronics away from the table so that everyone can focus on each other and their food.
  4. Engage everyone in the conversation. This one is especially for families who’ve got children who may not wish to engage in conversation (looking at you, teenagers!). Ask questions and get everyone at the table engaged in whatever is being discussed. This is the time for connection, and for many families, it may be the only time of day when everyone is together.

Need proof that shared meals improve your health AND the health of the people you love?

A 2022 survey by the American Health Association found that 91% of parents reported that their families were significantly less stressed when they ate meals together regularly.