Charlie (Oahu HI - on Zoom)

Your Sunday cooking class brought me joy.  As we chopped onions, and I made my first-ever baklava, the process of cooking nourishing food for me and my husband (who loved the dishes) helped lift me into joy!  Sending you much aloha.

Kirsten (Oahu HI - on Zoom)

Thank you SO Much Sheila!  We had an AWESOME dinner!!  Everything turned out beautifully!  The best comment of the night, "I feel like we just had a Greek Thanksgiving dinner!"  Really appreciate all the recipes and instructions.  Thank you again!


Sachiko (Oahu HI - on Zoom)

Thank you for another wonderful class! I feel such a sense of accomplishment making everything in those 2 hours! Definitely a mindful experience 🙂 Again…everything was sooo delicious!! I love Greek Food!!  Thank you again! I have never been to Greece but it’s one of the countries that I love to visit.   At least my tummy got to travel today!


Annea (Oahu HI - on Zoom)

Oh Sheila I absolutely loved your class!!!  You were a delicious and delightful surprise.  You are an amazing chef. The quinoa was the most delicious I have ever tasted with all the flavor bursts. We ate it for the next 3 nights.  I made the skewers the next night with the marinade but no pepper sauce. (I have to go shopping)  The marinade really made a difference and it was delicious. We accompanied the skewers with the quinoa.  My husband never likes eating the same thing 2 nights in a row and we prepare some nice meals. We usually cook enough for 2 nights and skip a day. We ate the quinoa for 3 nights in a row and this morning on day 4 he turns to me and says “the quinoa’s gone right?  It was realllllly good”!!!.  My husband is still raving about how fabulous it all tasted.
I look forward to future classes. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Greek Cooking Class -

Your class was fantastic!  I love your sharing of insights and tips for food management, storage or prep.  I'm constantly amazed how many new things I learn at my age!!!  So appreciated and I look forward to trying out all the different menus you shared.  I love your ideas and how you mix flavors. The classes are extremely well organized and you cover so much material in a simple and concise manner.  Looking forward to next time.


Lynn  (Florida - On Zoom)

I’ve been looking at recipes on your website and ones that you sent to me, for something different in the sweets department for Thanksgiving and I immediately started thinking about how thankful I am that our paths crossed six months ago.  I had been “self-quarantining” for over 20 years due to some nasty and painful health issues.  The only thing my doctors were doing is prescribing more pain medication and telling me I had to lose weight, like I couldn’t see how I looked!  No advise on how to start, just do it.  When we started talking, you LISTENED to me, even asked about the medications I was taking, not that you were trying to be a doctor, but rather you wanted to know how those medications were affecting me, what exactly was their purpose.  You’ve spent an incredible amount of time with me going over foods that fight inflammation, shared website seminars on ways to live healthy and even helped me sign up for some easy yoga exercises through the Still and Moving Center program there in Honolulu.  You have a profound knowledge of everything healthy and what you don’t know, you find out!  You are an incredible teacher, you literally have the patience of a Saint and because of you, I’m starting to get my life back!  I’ve lost 35 pounds and am no longer taking medications for diabetes.  In the beginning, you told me that it’s a journey, learning how to live healthy and that you would help me in any way you could and that’s just what you have done.  I actually look forward to getting up every day and doing the yoga exercises that help my back and researching your recipes for different dinner ideas, by the way, I’ve yet to fix anything you’ve recommended that wasn’t absolutely delicious!  Dear lady, you’re just what the doctor ordered, but I’m thinking that it was more of Divine Intervention because had I missed the opportunity to connect with you, I’d still be in that horrible place.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Anne  (Osaka, Japan - On Zoom)

Thank you so much for sharing your recipes!  The lamb meat balls came out really fluffy and had a nice mild flavor.  Perfect for me and my daughter!
The potato leek soup was so delicious too! I am surprised you only add salt!  I found one stalk of leek (from Australia).  I also added a stalk of Japanese white negi (thick green onion).
I went out to Osaka city hoping to find lamb. I was lucky and found a butcher shop that had some called Genghis Khan cut and they minced it for me.  Had fun hanging out with my daughter looking for ingredients!
And what makes me happy is that it is super easy to prepare.  I’m not burnt out....and didn’t have to wash a mountain of dishes!  Thank you Sheila!

I really enjoyed cooking these easy and gentle tasting dishes!
The recipes are super easy!  I used my food processor to cut all the ingredients. Little to wash.  Thank you!

The rice which I used is from Ishikawa prefecture and  I think turned out really well.  it ultimately became three times the size of the original grain. Yet it is firm and not sticky like regular Japanese white rice.  I love the tomato sauce with pistachios!!!! Delightful!


Eriko  (Honolulu - in her kitchen)

I finished making meat balls and tomato pasta and risotto!!  All of them were very good! I’m particularly amazed with the flavor of risotto!

My husband and my son liked meat balls and tomato pasta.  They don’t eat mushrooms usually, so I’m happy that they even did not notice mushrooms.  I made lemon pasta for myself today.  It was good.  I reheated tomato pasta from last night and cooked meatballs with cut tomato for my son and my husband.

My son gave me a 10 out of 10 rating.  He really liked it.


Gail  (Atlanta - On Zoom in her kitchen making vegan Tiramisu and Chocolate Avocado Pudding)

I enjoyed seeing you again and joining your class. I was a bit stressed at first as I’m not good at doing multiple things in the kitchen that are all new, but you have such an easy nature that I settled down and really enjoyed myself.  We like the chocolate avocado pudding!  It’s so smooth and creamy.  I thought pudding was out of my diet for good!


Tania  (Honolulu - in her home)

Sheila Wrede of Wellness Becomes recently catered an event at my home for about 25 guests. We asked for healthy vegetarian hand food and Sheila offered up a platter that was not only delicious and healthy, but also a huge hit with all the guests who were not even primarily vegetarians! Sheila managed the impossible, to make healthy food fun and easy for everyone. Our guests, and myself, were especially blown away by Sheila’s Vegan Cheeseball made with cashews. The Vegan Cheeseball created quite a commotion as all the guests started running around the party giving each other a taste or rushing to their friends to insist they try some for themselves before it ran out. I’ve never seen such excitement over a dish at a cocktail party!


Catherine  (Honolulu - In her kitchen)

Jeff and I were blessed to have a 2nd cooking lesson on Sunday with Sheila Wrede of Wellness Becomes You.  Sheila is such a patient and passionate teacher, helping folks to improve healthy cooking habits and eat better quality foods. Her recipes are tasty and easy to follow, loaded with nutrients and flavor. My husband and I are so grateful that she honored us with her expertise! Thank you, Sheila for making the world a better meal at a time.


Lorraine  (New York City - via Skype in her kitchen)

I sought Sheila’s help for a one-on-one cooking lesson a couple of months ago.  I was planning a dinner party for 8 and felt out of my depth. Sheila was great at planning the menu, advising what cooking utensils I would need, and finally walking me through the dinner preparation. She is very patient and a natural teacher.  She went out of her way to make sure I was supported.  She also genuinely loves recommending nutritional but innovative dishes.  I have only the highest recommendations for her skills on all levels—nutritional counseling, education, food preparation and chef cuisines.  A real advocate for healthy living!


Katharine  (Honolulu - On Zoom in her kitchen making Chickpea, Coconut, Turmeric Stew)

Great class today Sheila! We loved the food it was so good next time we’re gonna make the soup with half coconut cream and half coconut milk. Everything was so flavorful.