Synchronicity is a beautiful, magical thing.

An example:

I was having a relaxing and soothing reflexology massage one day.  The reflexologist asked me if I had heard of Robin Shirley.  Hmmm.  I looked for her on the internet and found that she hosts conferences and health retreats!  Luck would have it that she was going to have a retreat in California in the future!  I signed up to attend with my husband and I can’t wait for those four days to happen (this month – June 2016)!

Another example:

A woman came to a spa that I used to go to regularly.  She said that she was going to offer “raw foods” classes at the spa.  Would I be interested?  Always up for an adventure, and having no idea at that time what raw food class meant, I said why not?  I was introduced to a new world of spiralized zucchini, green pesto, and smoothies made in a blender.  It transformed my way of thinking about food.

What do these two examples have in common?  I later learned that both of these women graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an online training program in New York.

As synchonicity (or fate, or karma) would have it, I investigated the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and decided to enroll in 2015.  I like to think of this as my call to adventure and my path to health and wellness that I never before imagined possible.

I am looking forward to relaxing at the retreat in California.  I will be updating you after it ends and sharing my experience.

Thinking healthy thoughts!